Diving in Africa

    Sharks Bay Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Contrary to what you might expect, Sharks Bay is not frequented by sharks. This is a shore entry dive which is suitable for many levels of dive training and perfect for night dives. It is often visited by Octopus, Spanish dancers, Stonefish and brightly coloured Cuttleffish. We have also experienced…
    Moorish Idols

    2 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    3 caves Grand Bay, Mauritius

    5 Mile Reef

    5 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    The reef has the most diverse coral community at Sodwana, hence it is a dive area reserved for advanced divers who have good buoyancy control. Extensive beds of staghorn, mushroom and plate corals ensure a fascinating community of reef inhabitants can be found here.As five mile is further out than…
    Hawksbill Turtle

    7 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    The drop-offs and mushroom shaped pinnacles, characteristic of this wonderful reef with its great diversity of marine life make it quiet popular among divers. Turtles and rays are often seen and shoals of brightly coloured goldies and other reef fish visit the coral often.7 mile has been rated by…

    9 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    The top of the reef is at 4m on the southern edge, dropping to 21m on the north-eastern edge. The highlight of this dive is a green tree that towers about 2.5m. Just south of the green tree is a spectacular system of swim troughs, overhangs and caves. Huge green coral tree.The major draw to this…

    Abington Reef North Sudan, Sudan


    Abu Aklas Hamata, Egypt

    Abu Aklas (has also other names, e.g. Shaab Claudio) is a very beautiful divespot in the Red Sea.There is a nice cave between 6m-9m and a big, healthy stone coral garden around the main reef.Today this spot is dived very often by liveaboard and daytour guests, so the site is sometimes a bit crowded.…

    Abu Galawa Soraya Hamata, Egypt

    This reef formation is split into four pieces. One dive spot is the reef block that is situated at the north end of the reef, but the main attraction here is a 17m long wreck, which sunk in 1980s. This is the wreckage of an American sailing boat lying at 18m. The hull of the boat is synthetic so…

    Abu Kefan Safaga, Egypt

    Probably the most beautiful site in the area, for its coral formations and pelagic life. Great walls with large seafans, jacks, barracuda, reef sharks, green turtles.Blacktail and hammerhead sharks are frequently sighted.

    Abu Lou Lou House Reef Nuweiba, Egypt

    The house reef lies just to the left of the jetty, off the hotels private beach. The main reef lies between 5 and 20 metres of depth, ideal for beginners and experienced divers alike, because of the concentration and diversity of the fish life present. Puffers, Morays, Groupers, Surgeonfish, Shrimps…

    Abu Nugar Hurghada, Egypt

    Abu Nugar means the father of the holes, or the pools and refers to the holes in the main reef here. It is a big reef system in north Hurghada: some larger blocks of coral, or gottas, in this shallow water area (one of the best for coral in Hurghada) but not so much fish. Shallow and quite easy,…

    Abu Ramada Cave Hurghada, Egypt

    After the drop off from the boat you can go down to a cave about 10 meters in length that is open at both ends. The top to the cave it at about 38 meters, and goes down to about 48 meters. after you go through, it is a great swim back up along the reef to the surface.

    Akassia Housereef El Quseir, Egypt

    Aldabra Main Channel Outer Islands, Seychelles

    Aliwal Shoal Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Along the East coast of South Africa, just south of Durban lies a subtropical stretch of coastline known as the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. Visitors to the coast are greeted by warm, welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean and fine stretches of sandy beach set against a backdrop of rolling sugar cane…

    AmoujiÈ Maman Praslin Island, Seychelles

    Very nicc drift dive with pelagic.

    Ancora Sal, Cape Verde Islands

    Nice shallow dive site .. with a big anchor

    Anemone city Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Place covered with beautiful anemones.

    Angarosh Reef North Sudan, Sudan


    Aquarium Grand Bay, Mauritius

    A fairly large reef divided by a sand gully creating an avenue through the reef with 2-3 meter side walls. This site hosts an abundance of fish andcoral life. The sandy bottom giving plenty of light in the crystal clear water. Octopus and moray eels are found in many of the crevasses in the walls.…

    Aquarium Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    One of the best dive of Mnembo Is. Very colorfull, a lot of fishs, shallow and calm waters. Perfect!The start of the dive is perfect for beginners: shallow coral along a sandy seabed.Inhabitants: parrotfish, surgeonfish, fusiliers, butterflyfish, bannerfish, crocodile fish, rays, wrasses and morays.

    Aquarium Zanzibar West, Tanzania


    Aride Bank Praslin Island, Seychelles

    One of the best dive in Prslin! Saw white tip and nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, napoleons...

    Ave Maria Praslin Island, Seychelles

    Great variety of fish and marine life, including turtles

    Azra Safaga, Egypt


    Azuma Maru Trou Aux Biches, Mauritius

    Sunk on purpose in 1999, Azuma Maru was once an old fishing boat. After being unusable for fishing campaigns, it was recovered by the Mauritius marine Conservation Society(MMCS) and was sunk to create an artificial reef. Although reserved for the most experienced divers, it offers an excellent, if…

    Bannerfish Bay Dahab, Egypt

    Great dive site for macro photographers: seahorses etc.

    Bass lake Johannesburg, South Africa

    this dive site is mainly for new divers but offers a wide variety of activities other than the diving such as: 4x4 trails, quad bicking and many more. there is an option of over nighting. there is a small tuck shop aswell. there are a number of diffrent things to see under water such as an old bus,…

    Beau Vallon Reef Mahe Island, Seychelles

    Coral reef with some live (not bleached corals).The moderate current can be used by those liking the drift dives.The marine life is represented by the variety of the reef fishes.Some large fish can be seen on occasions.Spiny lobsters are hiding under the rocks.

    Ben el Gebel Hurghada, Egypt

    Big Wall Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Bikini Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    Birthday Ledges Durban, South Africa

    Birthday Ledges is so named due to the high number of surprises hidden in every nook and cranny. The site is the southern most tip of the large Blood reef and therefore should be dived in either no current or in the less common south north current.

    Blue Bay Trou Aux Biches, Mauritius

    Marine Park - nature reserve

    Blue Beach House Reef Dahab, Egypt


    Blue Belt Wreck Port Sudan, Sudan

    The Blue Belt was a cargo that sunk december 2, 1977. It was carying many Toyota vehicles when she sunk. She lies upside down on the drop-off, between 15m and 70+m.

    Erg Abu Nugar Hurghada, Egypt

    This dive site consists of a series of pinnacles with a gotta at one end and a very large pinnacle at the other. The dive boat can be moored at either end of the site. This is a shallow dive site, max depth 14 meters, but there is a great variety of marine life to see. The pinnacles are covered in…

    Bluff Point / The Barge Wreck Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Bluff Point is one of the most popular night dive spots for almost all safari boats coming from the South to stop at before crossing the Straits of Gubal and heading further north to Sha’ab Ali and the S.S. Thistlegorm. Located on the east of Gubal Island, Bluff Point is secluded from the…

    Boeing Boeing, Djibouti